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Hi:) I am a junior in high school and i have been on a journey to get healthy and fit for about a year now! I am 5'9 and went from 144 pounds to about 130 pounds. Im vegann!- incorporating a balance of foods. I love to run and am currently training for a half marathon which is in july! I am working to reach my ultimate goal body which is toned, tan, fit, and ready (; -

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Ily California… Right when I got off the plane there were two organic cafés right there! Yummm ❤️ lunch: roasted cauliflower, beets and quinoa+ brown rice and bean chips #vegan #whatveganseat #eathealthy #healthy #clean #eatclean #vegetables #lunch #edrecovery #recovery #yum #getfit

Taco salad with Salsa Baked Tofu (spinach & butter lettuce, fresh corn, chopped tomato, salsa baked tofu, avocado mixed with lemon juice and a pinch of salt, black beans, Daiya cheddar shreds, organic blue and yellow tortilla chips, salsa, and hummus.)


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Clearly she wears those short skirts and skimpy tank tops because she wants the d. and by d I mean vitamin d. she wants to soak up as much sun as she can. because revealing clothes are not an invitation for sex u prick

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Caution: RANT CONTAINING IMPORTANT MESSAGE!  So I  am currently in Peru volunteering. I am usually quite strict when it comes to eating… I have been vegan for a little over a year and gluten free for some time. I love to make healthy foods and desserts and nourish my body. But I have trouble relaxing and letting myself eat unhealthy. Yes I have fomu or dark chocolate or something like that once a week but when it comes to eating something that I have put the label as “bad” like white grains or refined sugars, I freak out. On vacations I’m usually pretty good, I might treat myself a little more here and there but I almost never have white pastas or breads. When I was packing for Peru, I had the idea in my head that it would be okay,
I brought some kind bars and some almonds and planned that there was some way I would keep eating well. When I got to Peru, I arrived at a worn out place with barly any warm water, fresh water for that matter. There was this amazing cook who cooked for the children each day- but I became anxious that the types of carbs they were being served was white rice and white bread over and over. For this week, she has been our cook. In the beginning of the week, I barly ate- scared about what the refined grains could do to me. I was cold all the time and cried in my bed. But then yesterday I realized something. I could either starve myself and worsen my eating habits, of I could let go and realize that these kids don’t even have the option to eat “whole grain” or things like that. So I did. I have had so much white bread, pasta and potatoes for basically every meal for two days. I have had Oreos for not only a dessert, but a snack- two days in a row!  Yes I feel guilty but I am trying to accept that one week of this is okay and it’s also better than starving myself . Remember.. YOUR BODY NEEDS FOOD! EAT! #fit #food #eat #volenteer #vegan #makeadifference #vegans #vegangirl #vegetables #carbup #carbed #carbs #edrecovery #recovery #oreos #vacation #eat #helpout #happy #health #healthy #highcarb #yum #itsokay #remembertoeat


yes ur allowed to have other friends u just have to love me more

Some of my ✈️✈️ snacks 😊 I’m off to Peru! I hope my amazing 65 followers have a great couple of weeks! I’ll talk to you guys when I get back! #whatveganseat #wholefoods #vegan #vegans #vegangirl #banana #balance #snack #sogood #happy #hclf #health #healthy #eatclean #eat #eatenough #cleaneating #chiaseeds #healthyfats #carbup #fruits #gofruityourself #traveling #travel #airplanefood #bringyourown #progress